Various PowerPoint Tips To Use This Tool In A Productive Way

powerpoint is an effective tool used for making wonderful presentations. Due to its increasing demand, it is used worldwide. When you are making slides in PowerPoint, the focus is laid on creating a good effect. . It is rather a difficult task to create one with all the necessary features in it. If you make use of certain tricks and trips you can minimize your effort and also save time

PowerPoint Productivity Tips

Creation Of Quick Access Toolbar

This is the initial step when you wish to become a PowerPoint master. This toolbar is customizable and you can add your favorite commands. It hardly takes five minutes to set it up. But you will be benefitted every time you use the same. The features like Format Painter and Alignment Tools can save your time.

With the aid of Templafy, you can create custom company templates. It is possible to create compliant documents, presentations, and emails with its assistance. It is a good platform to impart automation to business document creation. Their offices are located in Copenhagen, New York, Berlin, and Eindhoven. Check for detailed information.

Make Use Of Keyboard Shortcuts

The use of keyboard shortcuts eliminates manual actions and once you come to know its importance, you will always use the same. There are a few keys that can be memorized and you need to be familiar with the keys.

Resize The Multiple Shapes In A Slide

When you prepare slides you insert pictures in them. You have to resize the pictures so that these can fit easily in the slide. It becomes messy sometimes. This can be avoided by grouping objects together, highlight and click on “Group” or hit ALT + G together. The size can be adjusted further by mouse while you hold the SHIFT key to maintain the proportion.

Identifying and Matching Exact Colors

When you prepare corporate presentations, you must make use of proper color combinations when you make your slides. A tool called eyedropper can assist you in selecting the exact color. It applies to the text or object which you wish to change.

Easily Capture Screenshots

It becomes easier with the PowerPoint to take screenshots. If you want to insert the screenshot of your company’s website, you can click on the “Insert” tab and click the “Screenshot” icon. A thumbnail of currently open windows is available.

You can resize the windows to show what you want in the number one position, come back and choose it. It will be dropped into the slide which you are editing.

Use Of Custom Autocorrect Shortcuts

You can type faster. Select custom shortcuts that are used by the Autocorrect tool. Select from the “options, proofing and autocorrect” alternatives in PowerPoint. After this enter the new combinations of the characters which can be replaced by a word which you have chosen.

Focus on Simple Designs

Make use of simple effects for your slide. Use sans serif font for the body text and use dark text on a light background. Always align the text on left or right. Do not create a mess. Only put a headline, some bullet points or an image.


The use of these quick tips surely helps to enhance the features of your PowerPoint presentations. In this way, you can minimize your effort and save a lot of your time. This is very useful for your business.

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