5 Qualities to Look for in a Service Dog

There’s no way to deny that animals are absolutely amazing. While there are a lot of awe-inspiring animals out there in the world, some of the most special are those on the national service animal registry. For those people with a physical or mental health condition or disability, service animals are so beloved and much-appreciated. Service animals make for a close companionship and in many situations they can even save lives. If you’re considering finding an animal to train for service animal registration, then you want to keep these five crucial characteristics in mind of successful service dogs on the service animal registry.


It’s just in dogs nature to be affectionate and cuddly. Generally speaking dogs love attention and they also love to give affection and make their humans feel happy. While you want a service dog that can control their emotions and remain devoted to the task at hand, they still need to be friendly and genuinely enjoy being around people, particularly their companion.


Speaking of affection, service dogs need to be able to remain calm and collected while greeting or cuddling with their owner. This is especially true if they are working with someone who is visually impaired. Service dogs need to be able to control their energy and stay relatively calm while fulfilling their duties.


A dog that likes to work hard and listens well has some promising potential to be a service dog. With the proper training and education, dogs can become exceptional support animals that guide their companions through daily life. The best service dogs are those that listen well and follow instructions during training sessions, while also being calm and friendly.


Patience is important in many areas of life, including working with people who may need some extra time, support and guidance. Service dogs need to be patient and they need to be able to control their energy levels while waiting for something or getting ready to go somewhere. A person with a service dog will be depending on their animal to get them to and from their destinations safely.


Persistence gets you places, and this is another quality that is necessary for successful service dogs. These dogs will need to be persistent in their training as they work to get better and learn how to properly care for someone who really needs them. Some of the most persistent and intelligent animals you’ll see are on the national service animal registry.


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