Read Some Interesting Fun Facts Related To UCLA

The UCLA, or the University of California, Los Angeles is famous throughout the world. It is a reputed institution for higher learning, innovation, and research. There is a lot of things that the university graduates do not know about it. In this article, we will tell you some of the lesser-known fun things you need to know about UCLA.

Colors of UCLA

The colors of UCLA are gold, and “True Blue”. These colors were selected to represent the wildflowers, and ocean of the state. is the go-to guide to get into UCLA.  This company layouts exact UCLA GPA requirements, and test scores that a candidate should target at the time of application to UCLA.

The Cubs

The football team of UCLA, as Bruins was called the “Cubs.” The reason behind this name is that UCLA is considered a newer extension of its parent campus “UC Berkeley”.

The Grizzles

The football team of UCLA was also called as the “Grizzlies”. However, as the University of Montana had already got legal rights to the name, UCLA has to modify it to “Bruins” in the year 1928.

Live Bear

A live bear was used at UCLA home football competition till it got disqualified by the Memorial Coliseum of Los Angeles.


The costume form of Joe Bruin, the bear mascot got introduced in the year 1960s. He was accompanied by Josephine Bruin in 1967 at athletic events.


The first uniform that was chosen by the UCLA football team was: “The Powder Keg Blue”. The selection was done in 1949 by coach Red Sanders. He also added a gold stripe around its shoulders so as to make the team uniform to stand out from other UC schools that also wore gold, and blue.

Participation of cultural icons in the event

James Dean, who has been a renowned cultural icon, also went to UCLA, following the footsteps of the acclaimed recording artist of The Doors, Jim Morrison. He graduated from the film school at UCLA and also met UCLA alum Ray Manzarek post his graduation.

The highest number of competitions

A legendary coach named John Wooden also won 10 national level championships in his basketball tournament at UCLA. There is no other school that has won a lot of competitions before. Kentucky stood at 2nd position with other 8 national competitions.

Primary research institution in the US

UCLA got established in the year 1919. It has the one and only chief research institution throughout the U.S. It began its operations in the twentieth century.

An interesting way to take a break from studies

Another funny thing to know about UCLA is that students at UCLA take part in “Midnight Yell” at the time of finals. They have a distinctive way to take a break from studies. It is done in the form of yelling at midnight. 

Deep thinkers

UCLA students are highly talented! The topmost famous UG majors at UCLA are business economics, biology, psychology, psychobiology and political science.


Did you know about all these fun things about UCLA? Hope you find all these things interesting. Do let us know if you know any more fun things about UCLA.


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