Tips To Use Facebook Ads To Promote Your Business

Facebook is one of the popular social media channels in the business. Facebook ads are one of the ways to improve the advertising efforts of the business. As Facebook is one of the most visited social media networks, businesses should know the right way to use it to make the most of its potential in the business.

Use Facebook Canvas Ads to Create an Immersive Experience

Canvas advertisements are a jumbled form of static images, videos, call-to-actions, text, and interactive collateral. When implemented perfectly, canvas advertisements can cause a lot of engagement among people. The average time period per advertisement is impressive 31 seconds.

These ads provide an effective ability to blend together with several different types of advertisements such as carousel ads, single image ads, video ads, etc. to enables a business to immerse its viewers in the brand experience.

The creation procedure of these advertisements is very tempting. Templates comprise of various methods such as customer acquisition, sell products, showcase the business, as well as drive brand awareness.

Aiad is a popular Facebook advertising agency that operates in Sydney. The expert marketing professionals at this firm creates the most impressive marketing campaigns to drive sales in the business.

Showcase products with Carousel Ads for Facebook

Carousel ads display several types of e-commerce products in one swipe-able advertisement. It provides advertisers with an ability to show up to ten videos, and images with different Call to action in just a single ad.

It helps them the link to varying landing webpages from varying Carousel panels. These ads are impactful on mobile as well as desktop. They are available for most of the Facebook advertisement objectives.

Expand Your website reach with webpage post engagement advertisements

The Facebook page helps to reach a lot of followers in your business. This algorithm offers a lot of exposure to organic posts. Webpage post engagement advertisements include several comments, likes, shares, and event responses to create maximum engagement with users.

When you run engagement ads, you can easily get your content the website audience and choose from a wide range of Facebook targeting options. By looking at these ads, users can be very much inclined to like, and share, what you provide to them.

Facebook Video Ads

Not many businesses exploit the potential of videos in the business. Videos are one of the things that attract people a lot. One of the best ways to incorporate videos in the business is through Facebook video ads. These ads can be around 240 minutes in length. There is no restriction on the extent of storytelling that you can embed in a single advertisement spot.

You can be better off by keeping it sweet and short by the addition of captions. These captioned video ads are a great way to enhance the view time of videos by an average rate of 12%. Using these ads makes the website interesting and aids in the increase in customer engagement with the website.


These are some of the important benefits of using Facebook ads in your website marketing efforts.


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