Looking For Buying A Used EV – It is Better You To Do A Bit of Homework

You would have come up across various used car options, but have you ever thought about buying a used electric vehicle? Not yet, just because you think it might turn out to be expensive or won’t turn up to your expectations. You might be right initially, but if you think at a deeper level, the deal might be well suit you.

You will have to do a bit of homework and know your exact requirements before going to buy used electric carsYou can contact any used car dealer for the details on a specific model. However, if you are looking to compare multi-brand, you can choose Motorcloud. You will find varied models to choose from the budget to premium segments, driving habits – the one that is feasible for you. Approaching Motorcloud will ensure you have the facility of standard guarantee/warranty to protect your buy from future unforeseen conditions.

Let us see in detail the important points that you should look at before buying a used electric vehicle.

Physical condition:

This is the first and foremost important thing which you should look into. The car should be free from any visible/invisible physical damage including interior and exterior. Besides that,

  • It should have all the safety features intact.
  • The tire should be in good condition.
  • All the gauges should be in working condition.
  • The conditioning facility should be able to maintain the temperature.
  • The vehicle should be noiseless.
  • The entertainment feature such as touchscreen, audio should be working.

Estimate your budget:

Understand the budget and practicality of the usage, before grabbing the EV deal though it may sound very appetizing. The EV market is in the developing phase, hence you can expect new models coming up frequently. Alternatively, this leads to an increase in the volume of old EV models available at disposal.

Battery status and capacity:

The battery is the major expensive component and it should be looked into carefully. The car without a battery is mere a skeleton without any value. Below are a few points that require attention.

  • The battery should be in good working condition with relevant documents such as purchase date, warranty card, certificates.
  • Check the battery capacity. The greater the battery capacity the longer you will able to drive your EV.
  • Check the charging time of the battery.
  • The charging kit should be compact and feasible to charge as per your house structure.
  • The possibility of doing a third party analysis of the battery.

Safety & Security

The EV that you shortlisted should have safety features such as safety bags, child lock facilities, and other safety features in working order. You should get it checked by the specialized agency, if possible.


The EV you are buying needs to work on the roads. Hence you should check the performance by taking a trail drive beside the physical verification activities. The performance is more important than the looks of the vehicle. Sometimes, the actual performance may have a great deviation.

Regenerative braking:

The regenerative braking system plays an important part in EVs. If the system is not functioning properly, you won’t be able to utilize its energy recovery mechanism which in turn results in a lower average.

Clean Title:

Last thing is to check the title of the EV. The EV should have a clean title and free from any hypothecation and accident-free.

Thus, you should approach a well-known private parties who can guide and assure you of reliable service for your future complaints.

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