Are You Looking for Dining Room Chandelier of New Design?

In your home, you can really make a lot of difference in any of the room by installing a chandelier, whether, it is your bedroom, living room or dining room. There are various designs available to suit the décor of your room.

Here in this article, we will be discussing about few different designs available for your dining room chandeliers.

1. Transitional

Choose this design, if you prefer to choose any classic crystal chandelier having golden detailing that romanticizes the space and also adds a sophisticated elegance to your transitional dining room.

If in your dining room, you have placed few traditional-style chairs then it can offer another twist with the bright orange upholstery.

2. Rustic modern

Choosing rustic modern chandelier, you can really have two chandeliers instead of one. In the market, you can get such a modern spin put on your wagon wheel chandelier.

Having placed two eye-catching chandeliers at both ends of your rustic dining table your room will appear elongated and open.

3. Midcentury modern

If in your home, you have a modern dining room with midcentury look, then without having sputnik-inspired light fixture, you can certainly not complete the whole space.

You can find in the market or any upcycled thrift store few dining chairs along with new upholstery, in order to add to your vintage charm.

4. Rustic romantic

With this design, your antler chandelier will be paired with your dining chairs that is having rich brown leather will establish a rustic vibe, however pastel pink upholstery with gold wall accents will soften the space to create a little romantic feel.

5. Chic and glamorous

With this kind of pendant wave chandelier, your glamorous dining room will look as if it is getting showered by crystals.

Your dazzling light fixture will draw your eyes up to unique architecture that is on your ceiling and will create a wave effect having different lengths of crystals and beads.

6. Cottage

With this lantern-style light pendants installed in your cottage dining room will bring in pop of color.

When it is paired with mint green chairs with watermelon-pink accents, your room with this chandelier design will be in perfect place where you can dine during the summer.

7. Coastal

You can really exhibit coastal style with a coral-inspired chandelier. Having a blue, graphic wallpaper along with white furnishings, your coastal dining room will make you feel as if you are sitting at the beach.

8. Contemporary

In the present contemporary dining area, a globe chandelier that is dressed in crystal will surely be an attention grabber. Your low-profile chairs and table will leave all their focus to this stunning light fixture.

9. Color statement

Instead of classic crystal appearance, this chandelier design has got bright aqua color which will draw all the attention. This chandelier design will use few bold colors to offer a fresh look.

10. Monochromatic palette

The neutral color and cream palette will make for elegant and bright space, while this chandelier design is subtle tribute to sea having tiers of shells strung together for creating stunning focal piece.


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