Why Should You opt to Dry Clean Your Laundry?

Dry clean is a method of cleaning your dirty and used clothes. If you have a few prized items that must be handled with care, then only this method can help you do so. Curtain cleaning is a task that can only be performed at dry cleaners because they are usually made of delicate material such as silk. This method of cleaning helps delicate material maintain their appearance and texture.

The Shirt Butler is a dry cleaning and garment care service based in Sydney that provides service to customers in an environmentally friendly manner. First, you schedule a pickup time, and their employees collect your bags from your chosen location. Then, they expertly clean your garment within 48 hours and deliver it to your doorstep. They have made it even more convenient for you to give your clothes at the dry cleaner’s.

How is the cleaning done?

In the method of cleaning these delicate clothes, little or no amount of water is used with the solvents. They use their type of solvents for different types of clothes, iron and fold them, and deliver it to you.

Why is this method better?

The following points show why giving your clothes at the dry cleaner’s is a better option in comparison to washing them yourself.

  • Removes stain efficiently: Some stains can be stubborn and very time-consuming to clean. Some stains can even destroy the garment when you are trying to get it out. Choosing a dry cleaner to clean it guarantees that your garment will not be harmed and it can be done in much less time.
  • Offers protection to your garment: People at times are too busy to do their laundry properly. They tend to dump all their clothes at once to save time and effort. However, this can ruin your clothes. At the dry cleaner’s your clothes get great attention and protection.
  • Saves on water: The process of cleaning through this method is with limited use of water. Whereas when we wash our clothes normally, we use buckets of water for just one load. The use of less water also reduces the risk of the fabric shrinking. Lastly, the color of the cloth will also not bleed when it is not soaked in water.
  • A quick way of cleaning: Most of the dry cleaners return your clothes by 48 hours. You can even pay your local dry cleaner extra to get a stain out as fast as possible.
  • Handles a wide range of fabrics: You can give your local dry cleaner any kind of fabric, and they will be able to help you clean it or remove a stain from it. They can do the work more professionally and efficiently than you.
  • Handles large-sized items too: Blankets and comforters that are too difficult for you to clean it by yourself can be given to your dry cleaners. They will effectively clean them out.


The points above show why going to the dry cleaner instead of experimenting and taking risks with your clothes at home can be more beneficial for you. Let the professionals handle the job.

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