3 Tips for Creating a Custom Photo Calendar

Are you thinking of more ways to earn money as a photographer? Why don’t you create a custom calendar filled with your pictures? You can sell it and even use it as a gift to your past clients. Here are a few tips for putting one together.

Plan and Print Early

Start planning for your calendar early. It may not look like much, but creating twelve different spreads may take you a while, especially if you want to collaborate with someone on the project. You also have to consider logistics,such as where you’ll have it printed and how you’ll package it. To make the most cost-effective decisions, give yourself enough time to search for options.

Begin organizing everything mid-year at the latest. Get all the materials prepared as soon as possible to make sure that everything is printed out and ready for shipping by October. You may send them out to retail shops and your clients as early as the beginning of November, as this is usually the time people begin thinking about purchasing calendars.

Pick a Theme

Just like a gallery, your calendar should have a theme. People will know what to expectwith a solid motifbefore they even look through it. This way, you can market it toward groupsthat have a similar interest.

The theme doesn’t have to be too abstract or philosophical (unless that’s what you want to be known for). It can just be a single visual element that’s common in the photos on all twelve spreads. It may even be as simple as a general floral, landscape, or animal motif.

Once you’ve chosen a theme, you can shoot pictures specifically for it. You may also just select ones from your existing archive, so you’ll have an easier time putting the set together.

Display Your Brand Clearly

Your custom calendars also serve as marketing material that’ll help you get more customers and sell more pictures. When they’re displayed in retail stores, new people may discover your work and possibly hire you. Sending them out yearly to clients is a great way to remind them about you, as well.

Make sure your brand name or logo is clearly displayed on the front and back covers of the calendar. Put it on each photo, as well, but try to reduce its size or use a small line of text to avoid obscuring the picture. You may also include contact details so potential clients have an easier time getting in touch withyou.

These are just some tips you can follow. Keep them in mind so you can make the most out of your custom wall calendar printing.

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