3 Stages Of Relapse – To Identify The Symptoms And Signs

A person who is substance abuse will go through 3 different phases of relapse. They include emotional, physical, and mental. This process starts step by step and the person will be aware of it after losing balance. Few times, the person will start taking a substance after a few months of relapse. Luckily, few rehab centers offer aftercare programs to their patients to make them mentally and emotionally strong.

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Here is some information about the phases of relapse that helps you in identifying signs of relapse.

Emotional phase

You can find various behavioral and emotional signs to make sure that you are passing through the relapse stage. They are anxiety, anger, poor sleeping and eating habits, less self-care, mood swings, defensiveness, and more.

Mental phase 

During this stage, a person who takes substance thinks regarding relapse actively. They include having a fantasy of taking a substance, lying, planning relapse, and thinking about past addiction period, bargaining, and so on.

Physical phase

During the physical stage, a person goes to the liquor store or dealer to get the substance, whenever he/she feels to take it.

Precaution you have to take after recovery journey

Set boundaries 

If you are on your way to recovery, don’t get panic practice self-care. If you can take proper care, then you can care for others even your loved person. Also, set healthy habits like taking proper diet, good sleeping habits, spending valuable time with your partner, etc.

Importance of self -care 

If you want to maintain sobriety, you have to take self-care. Most of the rehabs for couples even offer programs to promote self-care. It is extremely important for a person who has co-occurring issues that means if a person has 1 or more mental disorders and substance abuse issues.

Avoid high-risk places

These areas make you weak so that you will start taking substance again. These are places wherever you purchase substance, where you take the substance, etc that may affect you without your intention. So, it’s a good idea to avoid those places.

Take the help and support of your sponsor or family member who cares for you and share your feelings and symptoms of relapse phases. By this, they will help you in avoiding relapse. Also, they can identify relapse before you feel it.

People may even die due to taking substances heavily and they will not forget or realize that they will have less tolerance compared to earlier. If you stay on recovery road for longer then you will have less tolerance for alcohol or drugs.

If you notice any symptoms of signs of relapse, inform the person whom you trust or gather information about rehab centers, choose the best one and visit today to make yourself strong to fight against the substance and to lead a happy life with your family.

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