Important Do’s and Don’ts for Customers and Businesses During Coronavirus Pandemic

Each and every person in the world is panicking due to coronavirus. Every country is facing problems due to the pandemic. During this period, we should isolate ourselves to avoid the spread of the disease. It is the time to understand the importance of social distancing to stop this communicable disease.

The Pandemic has created a large impact on the businesses as well but at this point of time what matters is safety of people. This post will help you with some dos and don’ts for customers and businesses during coronavirus. You can easily buy your essential supplies without panicking. You can even order your supplies online.

Make sure you are wearing face masks whenever you are out of your home. The face mask will keep you safe when you are out. This is the time when you should isolate yourself or quarantine for some days. In quarantine you must isolate yourself and get separated from your family members in the house.

This is very important if you have some symptoms. This will save your family members from being infected. You can even buy your medical masks online. You can go online and look for top rated websites that manufacture the masks. You can read reviews online to know more about the quality of masks. You can visit the website of custom earth promos to order your essential supplies. You can get quality products delivered to your doorstep.

Things to Know

·         The coronavirus is of course a new problem for everyone but everyone should have their own solutions to prevent the spread of the disease. Make sure you do not travel to countries that are affected with coronavirus. These countries are Italy, China and South Korea. Since the disease is communicable, there is high risk of being infected if you are in these cities.

·         You should hire a person who can communicate with everyone in the department. Make sure the person you hire has the ability to convey all the information to everyone. Make sure the person is well organized to guide the employees and make them ready for any upcoming emergencies in the organization.

·         If anyone in your organization is suffering from the symptoms of corona virus then they should stay away. The disease can spread if a person sneezes or coughs as the droplets will enter the body. It can also spread through the surface so make sure sick employees are not allowed to come to office.

·         You should not send each and every information to your employees as it may force them to mute the notification. During the pandemic it is important to communicate, but too much of information is not good. You should plan to send an e-mail every morning to all the employees regarding the next plan.

·         Do not stick to just one method of communication. You can send the information via e-mail and text both.

These are some do’s and don’ts for customers and businesses to follow during pandemic.

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