Easy Ways to Spot Warning Signs of a Teen Using Drugs

As soon as the child reaches, parents start worrying whether their child will be influenced to take drugs. Moreover, they will not be able to identify the signs as their behavior is difficult to be understood by parents.

If you frankly ask them about their drug indulging habits, the answer will be negative. Hence, parents remain really confused and find no means to know the truth.

To help here are few easy to identify changes in teenagers, who use drugs:

  • Their behavior changes suddenly.
    • Your child’s relationship with family members and friends seems to be abnormal.
    • They have extreme mood swings. At one instance, your teenager may seem to enjoy life, speaking loudly and in next few hours, they may seem depressed and moody.
    • They will not speak the truth, and always dodge your questions. Also, they will not frankly explain about their whereabouts and while conversing, they will avoid eye contact.
    • They will surprise you by being extremely energetic for few hours and sometimes will be sleeping for long hours.
    • They are clumsy, unable to hold things as they aren’t able to enjoy coordinated moves and even likely to fall down often.


  • Change in life style.
    • They like to stay behind locked doors and fully cover the windows. If you ask the reason, they will get angry.
    • Daily going out, develop intense friendship with weird looking friends, staying out late at nights, prefer to make phone calls while you aren’t around and behave quite secretly when you ask about their new friends.
    • Often you will find them chewing flavored gums or using mint tablets to get rid of the odor of snorting or smoking drugs.
    • They derive pleasure in behaving recklessly, thus will always be driving vehicle carelessly.
    • Feel like eating a lot, munching often or lose their appetite. Moreover, they prefer to have fatty and spicy edibles.
    • They are either hyperactive or hypoactive.
    • They no longer strive to maintain their body hygiene or dress properly.
    • Always seems to be in a hurry and less interested to study. Actually, their constant low grades and complaints from teachers will surely help you understand that your child is in trouble.
  • Physical health issues.
    • Non maintenance of hygiene leads to endure allergic reactions and even some drugs cause reactions, thus your child may have rashes and their cheeks appear to be flushed.
    • Their skin ceases to glow and look pale as drugs reduce the formation of blood the in body.
    • You can find burns and signs of piercing marks of needles in their arms.
    • Their nose bleeds, often feel tired, have trouble in speaking clearly, sores seen around mouth, feel extremely thirsty, have runny nose because of allergic reactions and may experience frequent body aches.

There is an array of signs that assist you to know that your child needs expert help to stay away from drugs. You can easily know more about rehab centers and their reputable activities from drug rehab directory of online informative platform, therecover.com. You can get their contact details from the site and enroll your teenager in the best drug rehab center.


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