Baby Swaddling Blanket Provides Warmth and Comfortable Position to the Baby

As a new parent, sleeping peacefully at night is the biggest challenge. Ever since my friend gifted me a swaddle blanket and taught me about swaddling techniques, it has helped my baby to sleep comfortably for long hours. A swaddling blanket is a must-have apart from diapers and bottles. When your baby comes out of the womb, it is not used to the outer environment which is not as warm and moist as the mother’s womb. They are surprised even with the slightest sound, movement, and unfamiliar temperature change.

A swaddling blanket is designed to give babies a secure feeling, which is similar to that of the womb’s environment. Swaddling blankets wrap babies nicely giving them warmth and familiarity. As a friend or family, when you gift a swaddle blanket to new parents, they will bless you for giving them peaceful nights.

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The swaddle blanket has to be loose in size so that the baby doesn’t feel suffocated. There should be little space for the movement of the baby. It is also good to buy cotton fabric as it circulates air and keeps the baby fresh in the blanket.

Best Swaddle Blanket Options 

  • Bell-shaped bottom sleeping bag style swaddles with a zip. It can be transformed from swaddle to sleeping bag which is perfect for the newborn baby.
  • A cotton hip-healthy swaddle wrap allows babies to move their legs freely. There is a large pocket at the bottom for the little one to fit in their legs and the top of the fabric is wrapped around the arms to keep them cozy and they can also free their arms for movement anytime.
  • A cotton and elastin blend swaddle is perfect for babies to keep their arms up while sleeping or suck their fingers if they need it. It has a two-way zip that makes it convenient for parents to change nappy, and access at the back for the car seat harness so that your baby can travel in a car comfortably wearing a swaddle.
  • A classic style cotton muslin swaddle is the best quality with appropriate size and softness. These swaddles can be used as burping cloth, tummy time mats, changing table cloths, and breastfeeding covers.
  • A summer suitable swaddle is cotton and elastin blend which is soft and stretchy and has a two-way zip for a nappy change. It also has a ventilated panel at the chest for air circulation and to keep that pat cool.

A baby wrapped in a swaddling blanket has a stable position and cannot turn upside down while sleeping. This avoids Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS due to suffocation. The major benefit is that if the baby sleeps so longer, then parents can also do the same.

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